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Making cargo talk

Surfact is an online asset tracking service, made of recycled ocean plastic, that helps you sustain the quality of goods at a fraction of the cost while offsetting your carbon footprint. Only 0.49 euro per day

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Why Surfact?

Our Asset Tracking Service is built for absolute control on your cargo. Solving global challenges within food waste, pharmaceuticals and other perishable goods. Leveraging ocean plastic and offsetting your carbon footprint.

  • Lightweight. The size is like an ice hockey puck and only weighs about 200 grams. IP 67
  • Accurate: position accuracy is +- 10 meters depending on the location.
  • Geofencing informs the receiver when a shipment gets close so the loading of goods can start.
  • Get full online control of your shipment. Using edge computing the battery life is more the 1 year.
  • Use our dashboard or get all online data directly into your own dashboard with our API.
  • No investment needed, no hidden cost.


We make cargo talk and help companies sustain

the quality of goods at a fraction of the cost


The electronics are protected in a waterproof enclosure made of recycled marine plastic. The device will last forever or be recycled. IP 67 ( waterproof )


Using edge computing the battery life is more than 1 year. Our Asset Tracking Service is built for absolute control of your cargo.


The Puck takes care of cargo by measuring position, temperature, and impact. The accuracy of our Puck is +- 10 meters depending on the location.


Our unique report system allows you to instantly receive information about the location of your cargo, whether on a warehouse, vessel, truck or airplane.


Use our dashboard or get all data directly into your own with our API. Set alarms to be able to take action if the temperature starts to change. 


Our model is based on leasing with no upfront investments or hidden costs. We own the hardware and you pay upfront. Only 0.49 euro per day. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is this solution called a service?

Surfact is the owner of the Hardware (Puck) so the customer lease per day for use.

Why should we use Surfact´s asset tracing service?

To show the world that your company and your customers focus on sustainability and circular economy using the state -of- the art technology.

How does it work with the leasing model?

For our circular economy intensive, the customer send us back when/if they will end the service, and the puck will be re-used.

How long can a customer lease the Puck?

The minimum leasing period is 90 days ( 3 month). You can lease it in 5 months or 5 years thats up to your need.


What happens if a customer refuses to deliver the Puck back after use or loses it?

In our Terms & Conditions you agree to pay Euro 99 if you loose the puck, this is to produce a new Puck.

How does the customer start or stop the Puck?

The datalogger (Puck) is always online. There are no buttons on the puck. Setting you can decide like temperature limits, automated start and stop and automated creating of route report after delivery.

What is the size of the Puck?

The size is like a hockey Puck and it weighs about 200 grams.

How long is the battery life on the Puck?

The non-lithium battery life is minimum one year. No need to charge the Puck. 

Can the puck be recycled if broken?

Yes. When delivered back, the broken Puck can be melted and reproduced.

Can a customer connect the device to a shipment?

Yes, we provide easy mapping to shipment and batches (barcode)

Is the Puck calibrated?

 Yes, each Puck has included calibration certification. After 12 month we replace your puck with a new certificated calibrated puck.

Can it be sent on a plane?

Yes. The Puck works without lithium batteries. The puck turns of at departure and on at arrival and send all stored data from the flight to the cloud.


Can customers set alarms?

Alarms can be set when temperature changes and set GEOfencing or shock sendt on email or SMS

Can customers use their own dashboard for receiving the data?

With API all data can be sent to customers dashboards and we also provide Surfact´s dashboard.

What is the cost of your API?

There are no hidden costs. Temperature, shock and position, and free API are included in the leasing price per day of Euro 0.49 

What is geofencing?

Geofences with notifications that can be set to alert the user when the package enters or leaves key points along the supply chain.

How long do you store the data in the cloud?

All data will be stored safe forever.

Why are you using recycled ocean plastic in production?

Plastic on land and sea is a global problem for our planet. We leverage plastic to save our planet.

Are your customer using this for containers, pallets, or items?

It is up to the customer from the value of the product to the protection of their brand.

What is the procedure if the Puck brakes or stops logging

Send it back to us and you will receive a new Puck. 

How do we order Puck´s and Surfact dashboard?

You can order directly on our website or