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About us

Surfact was founded in 2021 and is pioneering the first sustainable asset tracking service called Emma. Fused with cutting-edge technology, and leverage recycled ocean plastic.

Our team comprises seasoned engineers and experienced entrepreneurs with a track record of global sales, and scalability. Emma is produced in Norway.


About Surfact

Surfact is focused on developing and providing the most innovative and best-ever sensor monitoring solutions to a wide range of industries. With the increasing demand for accurate and reliable monitoring of goods and valuables within many sectors, Surfact aims to deliver cutting-edge technology that enables businesses to optimize their operations, ensure product quality, and further enhance safety standards.

On top of that, we contribute to a more sustainable world. Our comprehensive solution includes hardware, software, and data analysis capabilities that provide real-time insights and actionable recommendations in daily operations, operational planning, and strategy.


Mission and vision


MISSION: The company’s mission is to make the world’s supply chains more sustainable, resilient, and integrated. We recognize the urgency to protect our planet, to meet the needs of a growing population and generations to come. As a company with true purpose and impact for our employees, customers, shareholders, and stakeholders, we aspire to become one of the most sustainable companies in our industry, setting a clear path towards sustainability leadership, by balancing environmental, social, and economic performance.

VISION: The company's vision is to provide technologically advanced types of equipment to deliver a zero-waste supply chain for our customers and the planet. We want to support our customers in achieving their climate strategies, advising them with analytics and insights to make their supply chains more agile and resilient from end to end, through digitalization, automation, and integration.






Founder & CEO

Per Magne has a bachelor's degree in construction engineering from the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) and the Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC) with more than 12 years of construction science experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces and 10 years as an entrepreneur. He acquired experience in strategic planning, implementation, and maintenance of infrastructure for the Norwegian armed forces in Afghanistan, managing international agreements and contracts with multinational and NATO/ISAF allies. He is also a successful entrepreneur, founding and deploying two start-ups Airtight and IRPA, within the supply chain market. Per Magne has the right characteristics to scale up the project. He will lead the overall company growth, supervising and directing the operational aspect of the project.  After work, Per Magne enjoys running marathons, hunting and enjoying nature.



Founder & CTO

Bjørnar graduated from the Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC) and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and automation from the Oslo and HiOA. He acquired 10+ years of experience as a system developer, with expertise in automation, cybernetics, big data & and machine learning. He is also an inventor and entrepreneur: in 2014 he funded ELSYS, providing technical services industrial processes control, data logging, etc., within the transport sector and other heavy industries. In 2015 he funded Pembl AS, developing a customized platform for managing industrial processes. With Per Magne, he founded Airtlight, a start-up, that successfully scaled and sold. After work. Bjørnar spends his time hunting and enjoying nature.



Founder & Chief Technical Architect

Alf is a technical architect and has a bachelor’s degree in computer science back in 1986 from NTNU in Gjøvik. He has over 30 years of experience in project management and architectural design of software and hardware for various applications. After graduation, he worked as an electronic engineer and embedded software developer for the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (NDRE) on various projects for the Norwegian Defence. He is also an entrepreneur: he is the co-founder of 2 successful start-ups, Airtight and Pembl. Bjørnar Lie, together with Alf E. Helseth, will lead the final R&D optimization of Surfact Technology and the Scientific Advisory Board in producing positive PoCs evidence and disseminating them to the cold chain community. After work, Alf enjoys long trips in the forest to collect berries and mushrooms.



Founder & CCO

Knut is a businessman, with more than 35 years of experience in sales, banking, and international business. He acquired long experience in selling banking services VISA and Mastercard in the Nordic market, giving him the possibility to implement his commercial network. He is also an entrepreneur: In 2012 he founded TagSensors, offering low-cost temperature logger labels with smartphone reading and a cloud system for Cold Chain Management.  The company was successfully scaled up and sold in 2022. He has the right experience and a developed sales channel for the European market, which is our first step of commercialization; then he will manage the dissemination of our technology globally thanks to his international sales network. After work, Knut enjoys the gym, plays squash, and walk in the woods.


Wenche Sjøvold


Wenche boasts an impressive 26-year career spanning across various sectors, primarily in Banking, Sales, and Marketing, with a specialization in promoting a diverse range of banking products. Her professional journey took an intriguing turn from 2016 to 2021 when she embraced the exciting world of startups by joining TAG Sensors. During this tenure, she took on the role of being responsible for global trade show strategies, marketing material development, and actively participating in expos. Wenche's rich and diverse experience has undoubtedly equipped her with a unique skill set that combines extensive financial expertise with a dynamic marketing approach, making her a valuable asset in her field. After work, Wenche enjoys fitness and walks in the woods.



Working Chairman

Knut graduated in marketing and management from the Norwegian Business School. He holds more than 20 years’ experience within the logistics industry covering top management and executive positions within international environments such as the multinational DB Schenker enterprise. He has acquired knowledge and expertise in supply chain management, freight forwarding, international logistics, and management. After work. Roller skiing in summer and cross-country skiing in winter.

The Surfact headquarters is located at Runway Fornebu Oksenøyveien 8. Only 10 minutes outside Oslo city center. Runway is Aker Solutions tech hub. The facilities are modern and fresh and we look forward to inviting you to us! Emma is produced in Norway. Fully automated robot production line for high-volume deliveries including calibration and service.