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Apotek1 and Surfact - Pioneering a Sustainable Future in Pharmaceutical Logistics

Transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products is our daily business. Apotek1, owned by Phoenix group, seeks to be ahead of the innovation when it comes to product safety and regulatory compliance requirements. We have been looking for an automated online solution to ensure the quality of transport. Apotek1 Logistics center together with Surfact´s Innovation department have developed a customized internal and external report solution. Surfact's hardware is made of recycled ocean plastic for circular economy with long battery life, this fits in to our group sustainable strategy. "This project exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration. It’s a win-win for all stakeholders, especially for those believing in sustainable, efficient, and safe healthcare solutions."

Petter Bojan Herlufsen,
Logistics | Apotek 1

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The Challenge

In the pharmaceutical industry, where patient safety is paramount, Apotek1, owned by the Phoenix Group, aimed to exceed the standard benchmarks for transporting temperature-sensitive products. The quest was to not only meet regulatory requirements but also align with their group's commitment to sustainability.

The Solution

Apotek1 collaborated with Surfact's Innovation Department to develop a custom automated online reporting system. What sets this apart is the automation part and the hardware, crafted from recycled ocean plastic, echoing Apotek1's focus on a circular economy.

The Results

This collaboration birthed a state-of-the-art solution that excels in:

  • Quality Control: Ensuring safe, temperature-regulated transportation
  • Sustainability: The hardware's long battery life minimizes waste, and its recycled material aligns with eco-friendly practices
  • Compliance: Easily meets regulatory standards, thereby reducing risk.

The Impact

With this partnership, Apotek 1 is not only bolstering its supply chain efficiency but also pioneering an eco-conscious pathway in the healthcare sector.